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Anybus X-gateway - PROFIBUS (Slave) / Modbus TCP (Master)

Product name:
Anybus X-gateway - PROFIBUS (Slave) / Modbus TCP (Master)

Order number:

Industrial Gateway with a PROFIBUS slave and a Modbus TCP master interface

Product types:

Technology & Profiles:

HMS Industrial Networks

Emmy-Noether-Str. 17
76131 Karlsruhe

Thierry Bieber
Tel +49 721 989 777 000

Product description:

The Anybus X-gateway inter-connects a PROFIBUS and Modbus TCP network and allows a seamless data flow between the two PLC systems.


Fast copying of I/O data:

The X-gateways primary function is the fast transfer of cyclic I/O data between the two networks.This offloads your PLC from working with additional calculations. The gateway acts as a Slave on the PROFIBUS network and as a full Master/Client on the Modbus TCP network. The data transmission between the two networks is completely transparent with a maximum I/O data capacity of 256 bytes in each direction.


Easy configuration:

The connection between the two networks is quickly set up. No programming skills are needed. Just connect, configure, and you’re done!


Further information:

Product page (English)

Product page (German)

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