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HI 4000-PFN

Product name:
HI 4000-PFN

Weight Controller that uses advanced microprocessor technology and front-end signal processing

Product types:
other PROFINET Device

Technology & Profiles:

Certification number:

Hardy Process Solutions

9440 Carroll Park Drive, Suite 150
92121-5201 San Diego, CA
United States

Bob Shaikhvand
Tel 858-255-6774

Product description:

The Hardy Process Solutions HI 4050-PFN is a state-of-the-art Weight Controller that uses advanced microprocessor technology and front-end signal processing of strain-gauge type load sensors to provide accurate, stable and fast weight readings.  The HI 4050-PFN supports two-port PROFINET with MRP (Media Redundancy Redundancy Protocol), which enables the instrument to join into a ring topology PROFINET network. Coupled with operator-friendly interfaces and reliability, the 16-bit instrument is ideally suited for all types of industrial manufacturing where weight is part of the process.  It also provides the Hardy Process Toolbox™, a set of value-added features that include C2® weightless calibration, WAVERSAVER® vibration immunity and Integrated Technician™ diagnostics to ensure seamless integration into any process application.  These features provide users machine builders and system integrators with accuracy in even the most adverse conditions that often plague process control. Use the HI 4050-PFN with Hardy load cells and a summing box to provide an advanced configurable scale solution.

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