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Product name:

PDMM Motion Controller, PLC

Technology & Profiles:

Application class(es):
Frequency Converter (AC1)

Certification number:

Kollmorgen Europe GmbH

Pempelfurtstr. 1
40880 Ratingen

Tel +49 2102 9394 0

Kollmorgen PCMM Controller left
Product description:

Our PCMM controller delivers maximum performance from an embedded controller, capable of running small, machine modules, to complete 32+ axes machines and I/O. It packs a powerful PLC and Motion Controller into a small package. The Kollmorgen Automation Suite (KAS) development environment assists you with programming and reduces development time considerably.

Main technical data:


  • Three processor variants available: 800MHz, 1.2GHz single core and 1.2GHz dual core
  • IEC 61131-3 programming interface with full support of the five programming languages
  • 32kB non-volatile memory for storage of important machine and process data
  • SD card slot for backup and restoring application software, firmware and control parameters
  • 6 digital inputs
  • 2 digital outputs
  • Integrated web server for maintenance work
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